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  • B.A. in French and German, Concordia College 2011
  • ESL certified instructor since 2013
  • Web Design Certification: html5, css, js, handlebars, meteor applications
  • Online Marketing Management Certification, IHK 2017
  • 5 years CMS experience
  • 6+ years abroad experience
  • English, German, French
  • Coffee + Espresso enthusiast

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Alexandra Freidl

Welcome, fellow creators and students!
Thanks for stopping by and have fun browsing my content!

Creative Communications Workshops is the result of bundling all my interests and passions into a stream of content and online services.

My love of language learning and creative writing is what inspires me to create and improve curriculum for my students. I enjoy problem solving and with my out-of-the box thinking, my goal is to give students new tools and methods to successfully learn a language

This teaching philosophy is what prompted me to expand my knowledge in responsive web design. My goal was to create the e-learning program, Lexislider: learn more about the vocabulary builder that gets students speaking right from the start.

While it's been fun creating the content you enjoy here, I quickly learned that qualifications for both my website and career path weren't complete. The big picture for my career quickly came together as I fleshed out my creative skills with a certification in online marketing management.

As I built this website, I realized my vocation has a greater message beyond creating e-learning content: I am meant to inspire effective communication for a happy work-life balance.

This concept came about because I struggle daily to achieve this balance in my freelance work. Communication on any level directly correlates to accomplishing goals and finding success. From project planning to working hours, living in balance is crucial, and it’s all too easy to hit a mental block in work I am supposed to love.

Ironically, communication is my greatest strength and weakness, and I am far from an expert in life’s great balancing act. I feel as if I fall all the time!

I also feel a great need to share the tools I have discovered with you, so we can call create to inspire and find success in what we love.

I envisioned this platform, Creative Communications Workshops, both for creators and students that speaks to my personal mantra:

Creativity and Productivity to reach your true potential.

If this sounds like you, welcome! I invite you to join me on this journey and can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you.

About Creative Communications Workshops

Why Creative Communications?

Technology is changing rapidly, along with trends and habits that mold our daily lives. We're no longer caught up in the daily grind; we're being hurled faster into the future than ever before. With so much pressure to change and even more uncertainty of what the future holds, many of us live suspended between distractions and struggle with this anxiety.

Creativity is the fuel for every life aspect and when channeled, it will result in positive experiences, achievements and a healthy work-life balance. I love sharing insight with students who feel they have yet to unlock their true potential and have any kind of challenge: personal growth, productivity goals, language or communication skills.

If this sounds like you, like your potential has been caught in the crossfire of your strengths and weaknesses and you've noticed you're squandering your time, energy and resources — CCW can help!

Creative Communications Workshops provides the tools you need to break free from distractions fast and find efficient productivity solutions, so you can make the time to do what you love in life.

Creative Communications Workshops promotes creativity by giving you free language learning content, blog content and workshops, so you can reach your true potential through productivity and effective communication.

CCW covers compelling topics, most notably:

  • Tools and resources for optimizing creativity and productivity
  • Identifying and taking action towards professional and personal goals
  • Using language as a tool or in a discipline
  • Skills for creating a healthy, happy work-life balance